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analogue 35mm wedding photography

I learned photography on both digital and analogue. Though predominantly I shot digital throughout studying, I loved spending time in darkrooms printing (they are such peaceful environments), and the tactile satisfying nature of developing my own film.

With analogue photography becoming more popular in recent years, it was a natural addition to my digital wedding photography offerings and since investing in another 35mm camera, I'm delighted to be bringing this to wedding photography packages moving forwards.

Though film isn't quite as accessible as it was 15 years ago, it can be a tricky look to recreate in digital files and there is such a beauty in analogue photography and having some for your wedding photography.

That beautiful grain, the mystery in the turnout of the files and the tactile result of negatives is just second to none. I adore shooting film/analogue. Here are my recent favourites from the last 6 months or so:

Some of these have been lightly adjusted in terms of white balance and highlights, but generally I keep the original scans as they come! Colour variation will be more from film type than anything else, and the conditions on the day.

For couples who truly love analogue photography, have you thought about printing your own wedding photos in a darkroom? With assistance from your wedding photographer and a crash course in darkroom printing, its possible to hire enlargers and print your own photos from negatives. This is a unqiue experience in creating your wedding memories and I'd love to talk to you more about it if this piques your interest!


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