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Charlotte Sams Photography

You may have noticed I've had a business name change.

When I started the wedding side of my photography business a few years back, I was shooting more commercial and portrait work under my own name and wanting to differentiate between the two I created Southwest Wedding Photography as a new brand name to run under.

As my wedding photography business has evolved, I am putting much more of my energy into this side of my work and it feels right to adapt my wedding photography to run under my actual name now.

Over the coming months, my online presence will adjust to this new change and my main URL will become

Everything is exactly the same other than a slight tweak to some wording, and my emails will eventually move over to a new address too.

For clients interested in my portrait, events or ocean art photography, that new site will be up and running soon. Stay tuned or get in touch and I will send you a direct link to my temporary site.

Thanks to everyone who has helped make my business what it is today, I'm so excited for this next part!

Charlotte X


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